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Preparing our panel questions:
Class Participants:
Some questions I'm thinking about asking?
  • Do you think teachers should be judged by how their students do on state tests? Why? Why not?
  • Do you think that how much a class learns is all the teacher's responsibility? Are students responsible for this? How much? Parents? How much?
-Is a "good" teacher someone you always like?
-How important is the role model figure for good teaching?
-What are the major differences you see between teachers you view as good or bad?
- What specific things have your favorite teachers done that have helped you learn?
- What role does homework play in your learning? Is it important?
-Do you learn more in a classroom where the teacher is strict or where the information is interesting?
-Do you feel motivated by the state test? Why or why not?
-How should students be assessed at the end of a unit? How do you think you could best show a teacher what you know at the end of an ELA unit?
- What do you think is the purpose/point of school? (Social Interaction/English, Math, Science, etc. knowledge/Study Skills/Organization?)
- How important are parents in the education process?
- What do "good teachers" do to help you feel supported in your learning experience?
- Why do you think your teachers teach?

-For students: How important to do you think it is for your teachers to stay in close communication with your parents about your academic progress and your behavior? Does it make a difference in how you do if your parents are kept in the loop?
-How important do you think the principal is to the success of your school and your teachers? Do you think it is important to see your principal coming into your classrooms and talking to/observing your teachers? Why? Do you feel like there is communication happening between your principal and your teachers and your principal and your parents?
What is the one piece of advise you would give to your teachers about how to invest you in class and make you want to learn?
When studying a particular topic what gets you interested more often the material itself or the way the teacher presents it?

Students: Do you like school? Why or why not? Do you feel successful in school? Why or why not? How do you think school / education is connected to your long-term goals?
Parents: What is one thing that you wish all of your child's teachers would do?
What determines whether you are motivated to complete an assignment or not? Is it the type of activity or the teacher's style?
- How much has social media and communication technologies (wikis, Facebook, AIM, blogs) impacted your child’s education? Do you find that it gets them more involved in their learning or takes away from it?
- Should teachers be responsible for helping students develop good character traits and positive behaviors through character education in the classroom or should academic instruction be their only responsibility in the classroom?
- How much homework is too much?
What is a student's responsibility in the classroom and what is their role in the class' success?
- Think back to the favorite teacher you ever had. Why were they your favorite? What is the one thing they did that you think influenced you the most?
- Think back to the worst teacher you ever had. Why were they so bad? What is one thing they did that made you think so poorly of them?
- How does a "good teacher" make you feel successful as a learner?
- What role does classroom management play in determining a quality teacher? Can a teacher still be good without good control of the class?

What kinds of projects/assignments help you show what you've learned the best, multiple choice tests, essays, or another kind of assignment?
What is your favorite project you've ever worked on in school? Why?
What kind of feedback do you like to receive on assignments? How does it help you?
Should schools "track" (separate) students into different classes based on their past academic performance or behavior?
How should teachers be trained? Should training be the same for all teachers, regardless of the background, location, and academic performance of the students they'll teach?
What styles of classroom management do good teachers use?
Follow-up from Jeta's first question: If not, what should be used to evaluate teachers?
What should students be able to do if they are in a class with a teacher who is obviously not doing his/her job?
Should teachers be obligated to be in touch with parents at the high school level?

-Describe the activities you do regularly in the classes of your "good teachers." Do you read, write, discuss, listen to lectures? Which of these activities do you feel are most effective in allowing you to feel successful about the day's work.