Rigor and Justice Planning:

What are the sections/pieces to your project?
(Divide the writing of your project into separate pieces…i.e. rationale, mission statement, implementation, goals, etc. These pieces will be different for every group. Decide how your group wants to handle them)
Who’s doing what?
(Assign group members to head each of these pieces)
What are the specific goals or objectives for your project?
What specific, concrete steps will your group propose to achieve these goals?
What are your ends in mind? How will you know if your project is successful?
What creative and persuasive ways are you planning on presenting this project to us?

R and J Outline/Planning Organizer:

Goal: To help create students who understand what they want to do, and what they have to do to get there.
-send groups into schools
-character education
-7th grade, a vocational/character building nonprofit.
-Experiential workshops
-Individual counselors work with a caseload of students.
-Internship bank: junior senior year, break
-Some kind of after school program/academic enrichment component
-Mentoring from older to younger students à facilitating peer leadership.

Rationale- Why? (couch in readings) Ali
Mission Statement- What? Rose
Implementation- How? Emilie
Timeline- And then? Greg

A nonprofit that is focused on bringing experiential learning to one school.
A 6-12 school.
What can you do to bring experiential learning to a school like that?
-6th grade - character/psychological/Myers-Briggs/career aptitude/what does this mean to you?
-Menu of opportunities in 7th grade - 6 different categories: law/legal, health/human services, miltary/government, business/entrepreneur, arts/entertainment/communications, science/engineering/technology

Rough Draft Items (posted 4/15/11)

Final Project: