This includes the rubric, objectives, and description.

This document also includes the class prompts.

Greg's assessment and Rubric:

Shyam, Rubric and objectives look good. Your first two discussion questions are a little dry. Are your students going to get into an impassioned discussion about these? Will they be able to take a position on them?

Kaitlin, Great prompt questions! Nice job aligning CCS to rubric, but your rubric appears to measure fewer objectives than all the standards you listed. Are you going to use all of these objectives when you assess student mastery? If not, consider paring down your objectives list (or more likely collapsing some of these into more general objectives). If so, then you'll want to expand your rubric.

Greg, good discussion questions. Some of your objectives down't seem to show up on rubric (i.e. SWBAT identify character traits, analyze character arc). Make sure these correspond. This will ensure that you'll be able to use student performance on rubric to evaluate mastery of ALL of your objectives.