Group 2 Page

We're editing using a googledoc. This is ours/mine (it has a few specific adjustments for my classes) so far. We don't have a rubric yet, just objectives.

Please let me know if the link doesn't work. I tried to set the privacy settings so that anyone with the link can access it.

- Ali

Rubric is updated and so are standards. -Marina

To whole group,
1) I like the clear connection between the standards and your objectives...good planning.
2) Some of the objectives your listed are vague--"show understanding of the character"..."demonstrate setting." Consider making these a bit more specific (i.e. SWBAT show an understanding of character's emotions and motivations, or SWBAT generalize specific events or experiences from the text into traits or emotions of the character).
3) Since I didn't see a finished rubric for this group, just make sure that when you make the rubric, you align it with these objectives (or others that you add/modify)

I like that you altered objective to measure students' ability to tailor their language to the character...but I might make generalizable (i.e. SWBAT identify distinctions in characters' language use and apply these distinctions in their own writing).You want your objectives to measure some skill or process that can be applied and measured in new, unique contexts. Yes?

Marina, I love the options you gave the kids. The mix CD is pretty great...I'm going to have to steal this. The directing questions are good, and I think they'll help focus your students. Just make sure that they have a clear sense of what your expectations are/what an application of these questions might look like.

Raqshinda, You'll want to make your expectations a bit more specific for the students. Maybe some guiding questions or criteria. Without these, they very likely will not meet the objectives you've listed for the assignment...they won't know to have even attempted these objectives.

Tara, rubric looks great!