Lauren's stuff:

Lauren--I like the clear connection to state standards here...good planning :). There were a couple of objectives that showed up that aren't on your rubric (author p.o.v vs. fact and opinion; connecting holocaust to genocide, clarifying questions)...add these in some form to your particular rubric. This will ensure that when you're using students' performance w/ said rubric, you'll be able to track those same objectives. Yes? --Jeta
Josh's stuff:
Two options of poems to use (one of them is totally stolen from Tory)

Josh, Those xtra credit questions are REALLY fantastic. You're a question master.
One thing to fix--incorporate your "content" objectives into your rubric...when you assess students on the rubric, you will then be able to evaluate mastery of all of your objectives.

Tory's stuff:

Tory--objectives breakdown? --Jeta
Emily's stuff:

Emily, I love the opinion/position statements you created for the discussion...very thought-provoking. The objectives you've listed don't seem to correlate w/ rubric. You want these to correspond. When you evaluate your students on the rubric, you want to then be able to say who mastered what objectives. Also, some of the objectives you have listed are tied pretty closely to thematic concepts in R and J. You want an objectie to be a skill or process that is transferrable to new, unique contexts. For example, instead of--"determine how responsibility of parent can determine child's fate" (a great theme for kids to devour--btw)--maybe try " SWBT apply literary themes to real-world problems." This will enable you to track your students mastery of this skill over time in new readings or units. We can chat about this more later if you have questions... --Jeta