Hi! I'm Emilie. I teach 6th grade CA (Communication Arts aka ELA) in the Bronx at CIS 303: The Leadership and Community Service Academy. I live in Hell('s Kitchen) which I pretty much love; however, I am originally from Clinton, South Carolina. Other than teaching and hanging out with 11 year-olds, I love broadway, This American Life and reading. I'm especially interested in LGBT YA literature (acronym, overload?). A super, super cool thing that happened to me this past year: I auditioned to be on Broadway.com's "Word of Mouth" panel. (Basically, to be a Broadway reviewer for the leading Broadway website.) Guess what? I was called back for a second interview and screen test in their studios. And a week after that, I was offered the job. So, I am officially a Broadway critic. They send me to shows, and I get to wait in the press line with the NYTimes and pick up amazing (and free) tickets. Check me out! This is me reviewing James Earl Jones and Vanessa Redgrave! See you in class! :)